Help, My Dog Won’t Stop Barking!

Help, My Dog Won't Stop Barking! An uncontrollably barking dog can create big problems. The noise is loud and can cause stress and angry neighbors. To solve this common issue, it is important to look at the reasons a dog barks.

Why a Dog Barks

The main reason a dog barks is to communicate something, according to It is the owner’s job to figure out what the dog is communicating and to respond accordingly. Dogs are very attuned to their respective environments. They notice things that humans do not always observe, which makes it especially baffling to figure out sometimes why the dog is barking. Some reasons a dog might bark include boredom or something or someone moving into the dog’s territory.

How to Stop Excessive Barking

After identifying why the dog is barking, the owner can take appropriate action. Bored dogs need companionship and stimulation, according to If a dog gets “dog tired,” that is a dog that will be much calmer. Dogs need to play or work. A dog who barks at an “invader” is exercising a natural instinct. The owner can either remove the dog from the distracting environment or distract the dog from barking by teaching a behavior that is incompatible with barking. The latter might mean training a dog to lie down when the doorbell rings, as suggested on Using a treat can help reinforce desired behavior.

Points to Remember

When a dog barks, he or she is attempting to communicate. It is the owner’s job to determine what is causing the barking and to either remove the dog from the environment that is leading to the barking or to train the dog to substitute a more desirable behavior for the barking. In this way, it becomes much easier on the ears to live with man’s best friend.